“Girls Only” Summer Boot Camp

June 22, 2015

If you haven’t already noticed I love working out. I also love sharing my love for working out with others. After starting my blog, I realized that a lot of people were interested in working out, but they didn’t know where to begin. In an earlier post I talked about some benefits of exercising. Here are some of the reasons why exercise is good for you:

  • More energy
  • Healthier heart
  • Better sleep
  • Improves self image
  • Combats depression

I decided I would offer a bootcamp for some of my friends. I wanted to share my love for working out with them. A lot of them were excited, but a lot of them were also nervous. Nervous that they might not be able to do the workout or look dumb doing the workout.

I wanted to make the workout accessible to all kinds of ladies that were at different levels. It helped that they all knew each other and that they weren’t afraid of sharing their concerns or asking me questions about the workout.

Different intensity

I had three different intensities. The first level was for ladies who had not worked out in a while. Ladies who were trying to get back in to the rhythm of exercise. The second level was for people who wanted to try something harder and that had been exercising regularly. The last level was for people who workout consistently and wanted something more challenging. What I liked about this setup was that each individual chose their own level according to what they wanted to get out of the workout. We went through each of the movements and then each person decided which level to go with.


Having a partner during your workout to keep you encouraged and accountable for your repetitions goes a long way. Even when the ladies thought they couldn’t finish the workout, having a partner to encourage them to do one more round was awesome to see. I really enjoyed hearing the ladies tell each other they shouldn’t stop and that they could do it. It was such an encouraging atmosphere.

So, here is Level 1 of the workout we did on Saturday:

The first partner went through each movement and then the second partner watched/encouraged them. Then the second partner went and the first partner watched/encouraged them.

Try this workout at home. If you want to do less rounds, then do that. If you want to do less repetitions of each movement then you can also do that. Make it your workout. Tailor it to your needs. Share your experience in a comment below. If you have questions, ask away.

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