My First Visit to Crossfit

July 15, 2015

Three years ago, I lost 40 pounds and could barely walk a block around my apartment. I was so weak and frail. I felt like if the wind was strong enough, I might blow away and never be found. So I asked myself: Do I want to keep living like this or make a change? I just wanted to have the strength to do normal things again. I realized I needed to do something and fast.

I decided to try a free class of Crossfit at Crossfit 214. I’ll be honest, when I walked in I wanted to walk right out. Oops, sorry, wrong place. Everybody had their shirts off. Six packs, sweat, grunting, people looking miserable. Did I really just sign up for this? But I was intrigued. Why would people ever come back to this? Obviously people come here for a reason.

I stayed. I was encouraged by the way people were encouraging each other. I remember a guy on an air dyne, a bike with a cool looking fan attached, he was intense. Then the guy next to him was yelling, “You got this, don’t stop, you’re owning it.” Then the guy went faster and faster. I mean forget the fact that he was about to break the bike, the guy next to him did not leave his side and encouraged him to push his limits.

As I stood there staring, my class was called to start. I don’t remember what the workout was that day. I think I erased that part from my memory. We started off with a light jog and I was like, “Okay, I’m good for the day, or for the month.” But then the class began. It was burpees and then wall balls (hitting the target on the wall with a huge medicine ball). We were going to repeat these movements for about ten minutes. I thought, this is going to be easy. I was a gymnast, this is dumb. Boy was I wrong.

The coach at the time (Tyler) told us to take it easy, decrease the repetitions if needed, and hydrate. Ok, got it! Can we start now? The timer on the wall was counting down. 30 seconds in, I thought I might die. Going as fast as I could. 2 minutes in, I was going to die. The coach never left my side, he encouraged me to do what I could. He told me that it was ok if I couldn’t finish. I could barely exercise for two minutes. I think I ended up working out for about 4 or 5 minutes. I just sat there and thought, I’m never coming back to this place. The coach talked to me for a while, told me that it would take time. He said I would get stronger over time. He told me to not give up. After 30 minutes of just sitting there, I decided, okay now is the time. I’m not giving up. It’s my body and I need to take care of it. 

The rest is history. I’ve been doing Crossfit for three years now. I’ve never felt stronger and healthier. As soon as I changed my lifestyle so many things changed. I started sleeping better, having more energy, feeling more confident, craving healthier foods… the list goes on and on. This lifestyle change inspired me to become a personal trainer so that I could help people of all backgrounds. Now I have a class at Crossfit Mettle for women of all backgrounds. My goal is to provide:

Community: A place where women can feel encouraged and inspired. A safe place where women don’t feel judged and they can come to exercise and have fun.

Encouragement: Words of encouragement so that we can keep pushing and not give up.

Constantly varied: Different workouts each time the women come in. The same workout routine everyday can get really boring. By changing up each class, you’ll look forward to a new routine each day and you’re body will always be challenged.

Programming: I program my workouts according to where my athletes are. I modify and plan all the workouts ahead of time so that there is a routine for the women each session.

Fun: With a group of girls. It’s always a fun (crazy) time. Music jamming and lots of laughing.

I want to provide all the fundamental things that allowed me to come back to Crossfit that second time. Don’t give up. It may not come as easy as you’d like it to. But, it will. Practice makes perfect.

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